The United States Capitol

Election season is here and below you will find valuable information on how PTA can be influential in the Election Process without jeopardizing your 501c3 status with the IRS. To get started please read:

A 501(c)(3) organization may NOT conduct partisan activities to support or oppose any candidate for public office, including:

  • Endorsing a candidate
  • Making a campaign contribution to, or an expenditure for, a candidate
  • Rating candidates on who is most favorable to your issue(s)
  • Letting candidates use the organization's facilities or resources, unless those resources are made equally available to all candidates at their fair market value

Take time to look at the links below where you will find several files from the National PTA that provide Election Season Guidance on what PTAs can and cannot do as well as resources on how you can be involved. Please note that the IRS monitors non-profit activities, especially during election seasons. So make sure you review and share these resources before not after they consider taking action.

Candidate Appearances (PDF, 83KB)

Hosting A Candidate Forum (PDF, 341KB)

Non Profits and Ballot Measures (PDF, 89KB)

Non Profit Vote Guide (PDF, 324KB)