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Here is a timeline to keep your unit in Good Standing:


  • Create a Budget
  • Bylaws - read and begin renewal process if warranted (updates/renews every 3 years)
  • Review Incorporation Status
  • Business Data Search
  • Conduct a financial review/audit for the fiscal year ending June 30 (This is done yearly)
  • Submit a completed copy to your council and MDPTA office within 120 days of the end of fiscal year
  • MDPTA Convention - Training for Officers


  • Budget approved by General Membership
  • Submit Council Dues
  • Submit Monthly payment (Membership cards sold) to MDPTA


  • Submit Monthly payment (Membership cards sold) to MDPTA


  • Federal tax forms (990's) are due 11/15 (if your fiscal year ends on a date other than June 30, contact MDPTA)
  • File annually regardless of income, keep a copy
  • Failure to file could incur a $10,000 fine
  • Send a copy of the 990 to the MDPTA office
  • Submit Monthly payment (Membership cards sold) to MDPTA


  • Submit Monthly payment (Membership cards sold) to MDPTA
  • By Dec. 31 - Charitable Organization Renewal Filing (COF-85) with MD State due
  • Submit Monthly payment (Membership cards sold) to MDPTA


  • Check mail for Maryland Personal Property Tax form from the Dept. of Assessments and Taxation
  • This form is due 4/15 and covers Calendar year, not fiscal year
  • Submit Monthly payment (Membership cards sold) to MDPTA


  • Return unused membership cards to MDPTA, and reconcile memberships payments to MDPTA
  • NOTE: Your unit will be charged for all unused cards


  • Maryland Personal Property Tax forms due 4/15 - failure to file can result in revocation of unit charter and non-profit status
  • Every unit must file this form. Keep a copy for your records


  • Knight Insurance Services will send an invoice for your units
  • Insurance and Bonding - make your check payable and send to Knight Insurance
  • Each unit must follow their bylaws to select new officers if required
  • Arrange for new officers to get required training


  • Unit will receive Convention Materials, credential cards for July Convention and training
  • Prepare Treasurers Books for Yearly Financial Review (Audit)
  • Prepare Year end Treasurer Financial Statement (see Money Matters)
  • Send your Elected officer information to Council and MDPTA office
  • MDPTA: Contact them at or 410.760.6221
    5 Central Av., Glen Burnie MD 21061