A Board of Education meeting

The Anne Arundel County Council of PTA's has a long history of advocacy at our Board of Education. We monitor meetings closely and speak at least one meeting per month. Did you know you can watch meetings online through Livestream or on TV, and rebroadcasts after the meeting? Click here for more info on meeting dates and how to view: http://www.aacps.org/admin/templates/board.asp?articleid=118&zoneid=8

To link to their Livestream, click here: http://www.aacps.org/boardmeetings/watch.asp

One of the most important processes we follow and advocate on are the Operating and Capital Budgets. The timeline for these are as follows:

December: The Superintendent submits both budgets to the Board of Education

January: The Board of Education has Public Hearings and a workshop on the Budgets

February: The Board of Education approves the Budgets with any changes they feel necessary

March: The Budgets are submitted to the County Executive

May: The County Executive presents the entire County Budget to the County Council and the Council holds hearings, they get 45 days to work on the budget.

June: By June 15th they have to present an approved budget and the Board of Education adopts any changes at its next meeting.

The Anne Arundel Council of PTA's follows this entire process from start to finish and provides testimony and parental input throughout. If you have questions or want to be part of the team that tracks and follows this, please contact us at VPlegislation@aaccpta.org.