A black and white photo of the original Board of Directors

In 1897, Maggie Boone Moss read an article in the Baltimore Sun announcing the meeting of the first Congress of Mothers and decided to go. Mrs. Moss was a resident of Anne Arundel County and she only one of the early leaders who did attend the first meeting. She established the first Mothers Circle in Annapolis 101 years ago on March 29, 1915 and was instrumental in the formation of the Anne Arundel County Council of PTA's, which received its charter in 1924.

Not much information about the Council is available until 1966. At that time, there were 29 local units. Anne Arundel County Public Schools had approximately 7,000 students.

Most recorded changes in the Council have occurred in the last 25 years. In 1993, we submitted to the Maryland PTA our adopted resolution on "Student Safety To and From School," and have built from there. Fast forward and we are now a presence at the local, county, state and national level speaking for all children in our county, empowering our parents and supporting our educators. We have been accepted as stakeholders and partners in all facets of public education in our county. From providing monthly reports at our Board of Education meetings, to participation in the search of a new superintendent to providing representation on the many established task forces to collaborate with the school system. We are activists, we are advocates. We are the movers and the shakers. We legislate. We definitely are not your Mom's PTA!

Currently, there are 89 local units in AACCPTA - representing 2 charter/contract, 65 elementary, 15 middle, and 7 high schools -- advocating for the 80,000+ students being educated in Anne Arundel County public schools.